The AM Distributors 2016, 29th Annual Electronics Expo’ was absolutely AMAZING!!!

Good food, Great information, and Extra-Exceptional give-away’s was shared with all those that were in attendance.

Enjoy some of our Factory Representatives Show Vehicles.

Everyone knows that AM Distributors raffles away some of the coolest products on the market to date! We had hours of raffling going on this year, and a LOT of our customers won some amazing free gifts. Out of appreciation to our dealers, AMD even raffled off an all inclusive trip to Las Vegas for 2! Take a look at the 26 winners of the night!

This year we had more than 20 of our Vendors to join us with their product lines. By highlighting their tables, we here at AM Distributors want to personally thank each of them for making our show a huge success! These Factory Reps not only brought some of the greatest gear in the industry, they were also all out on the floor showing and teaching great information to all those that were joining them at their table!

From Monday through Friday, the AMD Office, Warehouse, and Travel Team work extremely hard to maintain the high level of excellence that we need, to cater to your companies business model of success. A very special thanks goes to the ENTIRE AMD staff! The success of our Annual Expo falls squarely on the shoulders of these individuals.