You need to first create a page with the [confirm-forgot-password1- shortcode on it.
Then you need to create a separate page and put the forgot-password shortcode on it with the URL of your first page
(the one with the [confirm-forgot-password- shortcode on it) in the reset_email_url attribute. So it’d look something like: [forgot-password reset_email_url=”the-url-of-your-confirm-page”-

You only need to put the relative URL in there, not the whole URL with the http and domain

You have been successfully logged out.

—- How do I use the forgot password shortcode? —-
You would want to create a separate page with the [forgot-password shortcode, and then another page with the ‘confirm-forgot-password’ shortcode on it.
For the [forgot-password shortcode, you would then add an attribute ‘reset_email_url’ with a value set to whatever URL you’re using for the [confirm-forgot-password shortcode

Register Form: [register
Login Form: [login
Logout Form:[logout
Edit Profile Form: [edit-profile
Edit Account Information: [account-details
Inserting User Information: [user-data
User Search Form: [user-search
User List: [user-list
User Profile: [user-profile
Forgot Password: [forgot-password
Confirm Forgot Password: [confirm-forgot-password

[confirm-forgot-password redirect_page=”″