The 2017 “Race To NASCAR” with SONY was an Epic night of food, sales,

product presentations, FREE Giveaways and top-notch competitive K1 cart racing.

With more than 30 racers representing 12 of our premiere Sony Dealers, they all experienced 90 minutes of white-knuckle aggressive K1 Racing!

A very special thanks goes out to all those AMD VIP Dealers that joined us on race night!

Your participation is necessary for the success for Sony’s “Race To NASCAR” promotion to continue to grow.

We know all of you took advantage of the 1-Night Sales! Stay Tuned, for the final NASCAR Race Car time trials

are coming soon. Lets see who will be crowned the fastest AMD VIP Dealer driver for 2017!!!

Winning Lap Times Of The Night

ABT: Aaron /20.168

Car Teks: David /20.224

Drew Audio Video: Shane /20.261

AudioSmith: Geof/20.267

Muntz: Dusty /20.755

AB Auto: Ken/20.994